Never Have I Ever for adults

Never have I ever (18+), the adult – spicy version of the greatest drinking game is now free for your Android device.

Never Have I Ever for adults

The game features:
-Three levels of naughtiness to choose from.
-Over 120 sexy questions!
-Clear, easy to use interface; no annoying popups.
-All for free!

How to play:
-Get your alcohol shots ready and form a circle with your friends.
-Touch the arrow to generate a statement.
-Read the statement aloud. Every player who has done it must drink a shot!
-Gradually progress to higher levels of naughtiness by touching the purple and red hearts.
Level 1 (green heart) is the tamest one and level 3 (red heart) is the naughtiest!

If you have suggestions, comments, or ideas for new statements email us at softskycreations [at]

Notes: This is the adult version of “Never Ever” aimed at adult couples and very adventurous friends! This game is also known as “ten fingers”, “I’ve Never” or simply “statements” in some parts of the world.

Download Never Have I Ever!


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